Is the marketplace only open for summer camps to browse?

No! Anyone who wants to book experience can do it!

Is there a limit to how many experiences I can book for one day/week?

No. As long as the content provider is available you can book as many as experiences as you would like.

Can I book the same experience more than once?

Sure! Please note that the payment is per one session.

If I need to edit the date and/or time of my experience booking, is there a way for me to do that?

First, you will need to contact the content provider to check if they are available during your new time. If they are available, you will then need to contact us at and provide the following details: name of experience, updated date, and updated time.

If I need to edit the date and/or time of my experience booking, what is the latest that I can change the date and/or time?

Up until 3 days before the scheduled date/time and according to the content provider’s approval.

Is there a default platform for these experiences?

No. You can choose the platform that you are most comfortable using while booking the experience, and the contact provider will adjust the session according to your platform of choice.

Will there be new experiences available in the future?

Yes. We are uploading new experiences almost every week.

How long will the experiences be available for booking?

For every experience there is a time slot and a calendar where you can check the availability of the content provider.

Can I add an experience to the marketplace?

Of course! If you would like to upload an experience please contact the Fair Team at