Creating a game- Cardboard Tower Blox


Love Jenga? Learn to create blocks of your own with Maplewoodshop!

All the campers need are cardboard, scissors, a ruler, and a pencil! Campers will be walked through measuring, drawing parallel lines, and cutting out the shapes for their new toys to (hopefully) share with their family!



Maplewoodshop was founded in 2016 by Mike Schloff to help children develop life skills such as creativity, grit, teamwork, and problem-solving through woodworking. Schloff saw woodshop, home economics, and other vocational training programs cut from the curriculum in many New Jersey schools so he designed portable woodworking tables to bring into any middle school or elementary school classroom. Schloff also provides lesson plans, professional development for teachers, a list of essential hand tools, and a tool chest to equip and train teachers to run portable woodworking programs themselves.

Today, Maplewoodshop has partnered with over 55 schools and camps and is constantly making new projects and lesson plans to bring their “woodworking revolution” to kids all over the US.


Learn more about Maplewoodshop here:

Experience duration

60 Minutes

Age Group

Elementary school – grades 4-6, Middle School

Group Size

10-30 participants

Experience Language