Live tour in Israeli kibbutz!


What is a kibbutz? Wiktionary defines it as “a community, usually an agricultural one, based on a high level of social and economic sharing, equality, direct democracy, and close social relations.” Don’t just take a dictionary’s word for it-come see a kibbutz for yourself through the eyes of local tour guides Nir and Shani Boneh!

Kibbutz Kadarim, located in the Upper Galilee region of Israel north of the Sea of Galilee, is the kibbutz Nir and Shani call home and will happily take you on a stroll around the kibbutz through the houses, community center, school building and the beautiful natural landscape of the area! The locations are an excellent setting to discuss the Kibbutz’s ideology and story, including its unique cosmopolitan atmosphere that features a colorful mix of Tsabras and “Olim” (Jewish immigrants) from Australia, New Zealand, and Britain. Come experience this unique Israeli way of living today!

Shani and Nir Boneh provide unique educational programs about Israel from their perspective as locals to groups visiting Israel from all over the world. They both received a Bachelor of Arts from Ben-Gurion University and moved to Palm Beach, Florida as a married couple after graduation, where they served as Israeli emissaries for the Jewish Agency. Two years later, they returned to Israel and started working towards earning a Masters through the Ruderman Program for American Jewish Studies at Haifa University.

Shani is a professional tour guide who runs educational programs for Birthright groups and other educational journeys in Israel. Nir has worked with the Jewish Agency and IDF on several projects about peoplehood and teaches Israeli society to pre-army academic groups. They currently live in Kibbutz Kadarim in northern Israeli with their two young children.

Experience duration

45 Minutes

Experience Language

English, Hebrew

Age Group

Middle School, High school, CIT, Staff

Group Size

Under 10 participants, 10-30 participants, Over 30 participants