MICRO: BIT programming and computer science studies


This program is about learning science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) areas in an experiential way using problem-solving thinking strategies. Practical experience of high school and hands-on activities by students develops the ability to use daily practical use with the theoretical and abstract learning topics learned and to build DIY methods.

Our course offers an introduction to computer science and computational thinking.
We teach the basics of algorithms and learn to create code in a friendly environment that uses visual blocks language.
The course is interactive in many ways and promotes active and process learning.
the course is built in a PBL (project-based learning) context where the children receive challenges that they then create, program, and present to the group, all with guidance and direction from our expert instructors.



H&T was established in 2010 to create a place for experiential learning with original educational content and as a center for informal activities.
We in H&T insist each year on renewing and refreshing the various educational programs, methodology and activities. Making sure that they are relevant to the public and employees of organizations and companies, to high school youth and to school kids.
All in order to foster excellence and innovation through creative thinking, acting and movement, thinking challenges and exposure to emotional and value dilemmas.
Ensuring quality content is renewed and an academic training team reflects our commitment to the various clients.
The modes of activity are varied, fun days, executive workshops, annual team escorts, holiday activities, etc. and are tailored to different audiences.

Experience duration

90 Minutes

Age Group

Elementary school – grades 4-6, Middle School, High school, CIT, Staff

Group Size

Under 10 participants, 10-30 participants

Experience Language

English, Hebrew