Training session for camp staff- Minecraft Virtual Camp


Lost Tribe Esports provides Minecraft and other esports/games for Jewish summer camps to engage their campers, gamers, and staff in the summer of 2020 and beyond. These services will include brainstorming ideas for ongoing programming such as mini-camps focused on esports as well as year-long camp engagement.

Lost Tribe Esports is offering camp staff the option to try their unique platform of a virtual camp. In this one-hour training session for your camp staff, you will get all the information you need to decide if Minecraft camp can use as one of your camp special experiences. Your camp staff will be able to build your camp in the world of Minecraft and could run some of your camp activities having the whole crew (campers and staff) in one, shared virtual space!

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Experience duration

45 Minutes

Age Group


Group Size

Under 10 participants, 10-30 participants, Over 30 participants

Experience Language