Virtual Escape Room- Israel Trail Quest (Up to 10 participants)


Take a hike on the Israel National Trail! 

Using Google Earth, this virtual escape room will take you along Israel’s diverse landscapes from its lush greenery in the north to dry deserts in the south with seven unique and challenging riddles along the way! Play it your way- have few participants compete in teams against each other or put all of your heads together to solve as one big group! Either way, gorgeous views of Israel’s natural beauty are guaranteed! 

Israel Trail Quest offers several competitive and non-competitive gameplay options:

  • Play together as one big team to complete the Quest
  • Everyone vs. everyone- every participant plays as an individual against the other participants
  • Teams vs. teams- divide your group into smaller teams who will work together and compete against other teams

Once all participants have registered and joined a team, there will be a 15-minute introduction to the game before starting the Quest, which uses Google Earth (see demonstration in the attached video). The game itself will last for one hour, however, it is possible to adjust the game settings and length according to your preferences before you begin the Quest.

I will explain to the participants how to log in and set up teams and be present during the game for technical support. It is recommended that you schedule a 20-minute instructional session before your booked session to learn about the game and how to play. Please contact me if you have any questions or need any adjustments!

This experience requires the use of a PC or laptop.

Omer works as a tour guide in Israel and specializes in nature hikes along the Israel National Trail, which stretches from the Israeli-Lebonese border down to the tip of the Red Sea. Omer is excited to combine hiking and gaming into an amazing virtual adventure, no matter where you are in the world!

Experience duration

60 Minutes

Experience Language

English, Hebrew

Age Group

Elementary school – grades 4-6, Middle School, High school, CIT, Staff

Group Size

Under 10 participants